Local news at your local site with Big Trust


We reduce the habit of seeking news on polarized social media sites by offering solid and likeable options.

Save local news!

We add “real/not fake” news to local newspaper websites. We show each reader news from other sites.
We are a service for newspaper sites not a rival.
The content we distribute is “curated” – like a museum, we seek the good stuff – adding trusted sources of real news to local sites.

We are helping build a world with more trust.

our brand is deep trust

We help save local newspapers by adding trusted news personalization tools to their websites. By focusing on such tools we allow them to offer services they lack the resources to build for themselves.
Our focus on strong user privacy is a lovable and tricky thing to build and to solidly brand. 

We are an Information Marketplace

(a place where news is bought-sold-traded-donated) We help sites add information – we build a market for syndication and charity

B2C (for users of our site partners)

• new content (free and with paywalls)
• localized content (we sort based on site readers and editors, and user profiles – optional)

B2B (for site partners)

• Syndication services (local and global content, curated)
• Trusted privacy services (we never share user data)
• Personalization services (adding trust, a strong goal for us)
• Charity services (free content for small sites, links to free content)

an overview of our business planning

 (we welcome your ideas)

  • Real news – we bring news from trusted sources, whose reputation is well known
  • strong Privacy – we never share user data (no ads/not social) – Our nonprofit, by law, has no investors, and so no risk of a hostile takeover (adding to user data safety)
  • always opt-in (readers choose when to make a profile), privacy by design
  • ready for use in the EU (fits with the EU privacy laws, the GDPR)
  • BOTH a nonprofit (the owner/a parent business/the controlling side/ a donor to smaller local news sites)
  • AND a for-profit (the main owner is our nonprofit/a baby business/ which handles our cash side)
  • We seek donors (to our nonprofit) and investors (to our for-profit)


A marketplace for trusted, high-privacy, content discovery

Our Mission is Big Trust

Barriers to Entry

We are serving small sites, for low or zero cost, giving us unique view of small towns, poor regions of the world, and offering services many cannot afford, unless they find us.

Biz model, our hybrid

We want to be born as two businesses: a nonprofit and a for-profit. The Nonprofit will own controlling shares of the for-profit.

Become seed investors

Why become one of our first seed investors? They are pro investors who want to know about profits.

A marketplace for trusted, high-privacy, content discovery

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